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AAA , A bbinamenti A ssolamente A puani

because you don't live on beer alone ...


Tordelli, please: not tortelli. Because, yes, tortelli are; but the replacement of the "T" (foreseen in the official entry, "from the dictionary") with that "D" indicates without equivocation that we are talking about the version properly referred to the northern quadrant of Tuscany. Where the "tordello" is presented in turn in a numerous series of declinations: Garfagnina, Lunigianese, Pietrasantina, Camaiore, Carrarina, Massa ... Here, in this case it is towards the latter that we turn our attention; to underline how, according to the sources, it itself admits many variations: it is prepared, in fact, country by country (or rather, house by house), with fillings including pork or chicken or just beef; including eggs, sausages, mortadella or cooked ham; served with tomato sauce or in broth; and again, again, again. Yet, despite this assortment of interpretations, the massese tordello requires, more or less imperatively, to contain three ingredients: bread crumbs, chard and thyme (here familiarly called "peporino" or "poor man"). Typical dish of poor cuisine, it was born on the basis of the imperative to use the leftovers of Sunday lunch: treasuring the meat, not only for the filling of every single casket of pasta, but often, as mentioned, also for the garnish. Going to concretize, it is precisely a recipe of this type that we think: brought to the table with the dressing an abundant ground sauce, aromas (onion, carrot, celery) and tomato. It is a very rich first course: proteins that give structure and fats that give taste; fats to be managed with a sip that has bubbles, acidity and possibly alcohol. This is why the eye runs fast at our Trippy, a Belgian Tripel that does not miss anything in effervescence (lively) and ethyl tonnage (fires "high" ten degrees); and that on the other hand also asserts other requisites well suited to the tordello. Whose strong gustatory intensity finds one of the same degree in the glass; and whose sapid, acidic (tomato), and possibly spicy (if you push a little pepper) strengths, find on the opposite side a drink marked by a substantial softness, a prerogative with which to "smooth the hair" barely hinted exuberance of the bite. We have set the rules of engagement: the reader just has to try ... And enjoy your meal! \

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